Web Marketing Consultant Jonathan Bowers Presentation – 2/1/23

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Jon Bowers: Good afternoon,

JB: Of those of you in the audience who would benefit the most from three wishes to be granted by a genie? Hypothetically, you found a lamp and now you have the choice to allow your dreams come true. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? (resource: https://writinginmargins.weebly.com/home/why-is-aladdins-genie-inside-a-lamp) What positive or negative implications entail your decisions? Would you choose to help the world become happier by allowing everyone to understand their mind’s? War; do you believe it is possible to eliminate conflict with a few wishes? How about the girl/boy you guys/gals are crazy about? Do you believe your wish will allow you to hop into bed with her/him until your final days on Earth? Plenty of great ideas, questions, and scenarios are distinguished once you communicate but not accept yourself as your mind…your goal achieving mechanism.

JB: My name is Jonathan Elijah Bowers and I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I am a digital marketer. Consider me something of a genie in the sense that I drive traffic to your web presence whether that be in the form of social media, YouTube videos, Google listings, or files on the Internet. Web Marketing, also known as digital marketing, online advertising, internet sales, or search engine optimization is the process of granting your business website the wishes it deserves to receive attention from the folks who search for what you provide.

JB: The reason I ask you questions about important questions regarding your happiness is because your goal achieving mechanism has been pre-programmed to set your own standards. Wouldn’t it be logical to wish for eternal bliss for all of human existence? I believe our reality is better without granting this wish because God has allowed us to pursue love, happiness, and spread good ideas. Where is free will if we’re all happy as clams? It almost sounds scary without free will.

JB: Besides marketing I want to share the philosophy of success with you. A friend of mine, David Mills, has shared his Law of Implication teachings and I want to spread these ideas to you.

JB: The Law of Implication is an epistemological understanding of the Law of Attraction. We understand that you attract what you desire so you manifest yourself to attract money, love, happiness, etc., but the implication of what you attract is the reason for building more building blocks to success. Generally, most of us want to make good choices. We agree on that. LOI is a methodological, black and white form of understanding. Ask the right questions to understand scenarios to build frameworks and boundaries.

JB: I am here to share the method to know what is true. Ponder the question, “How do you know what is true?” and think of the question. What is you, as a being, of your method of understanding to know that you are competent, confident, and are on the correct current of the universe? By default, your mind will successfully approximate questions and answers. This incorrect way of thinking has been given to you by random people whether in government, institutions, or your families because their offers to the world have be pre-imposed on themselves their entire lives. Instead, I want to share with you to focus on successful revealing of what you can know, or by revealing more building blocks and dissolving bottlenecks via strategy, the alternative use of limited resources.

JB: It is logical. Money, time, and body energy is finite. With that being said I want to talk about how search engine optimization can help anyone succeed with making money online.

JB: Your product or service gains attention online with traffic or search engine optimization. To succeed your product, conversion method, and traffic sources must be solid. In lamest terms, if all three angles of business are perfect then you can succeed by being a multi-millionaire. For example, my consulting business brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in net profit for my clients because they ask the correct questions to discovering what their potential customers will ask before they search for products or services online. By utilizing the Law of Implication we sit down and share a vision, paint scenarios, and set priorities plus boundaries with our strategies to succeed on the Internet with search engine marketing.

JB: Thinking properly is a lot like thinking outside OUTSIDE of the box. Logically, to think outside of the box makes sense but from a epistemological sense, as you continue to focus on what you can know and not on what you cannot then progress is made in the black and white area of thought.

JB: Your customer’s don’t know they want to work with you but they know they want to solve the problems they have whether it is a root canal that causes themselves pain, or whether they want a new t-shirt with mouse designs, or if they want to discover new methods of building bird houses, everyone wants to make smart decisions. With the Law of Implication, we ask our mind’s, how can I, as the product or service owner provide the most trustworthy, transparent, and congruent product that entails proof elements or components that help others believe I am the expert? Remember, the method of knowing what is true is contained within systems of understanding.

JB: I want to close off of the talk for now…


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