Nominate a student here. We'll contact them and share information about this opportunity. 
  • Design and execute the TEDx conferences and other large-scale campus events that inspire intellectual thought and development in the group
  • Have intriguing, fun conversations with a caring and diverse team
  • Gain extensive professional experience related to your future career that will enhance your resume and network with notable companies throughout Milwaukee
  • Partake in several day-long team road-trips to other TEDx events
  • Make connections with the best and brightest thought leaders in Milwaukee and beyond
  • Executive Directors come from all majors, backgrounds, and levels of experience.


  • Hold office for 1 year starting February 12th, 2018
  • Meet as a cohort once a week
  • Work independently about 2 - 5 hours a week
  • This is a voluntary experience, and is treated as a self guided “internship.”

How To run for a position

  1. Nominate yourself via this link by February 6th by 11:59 PM
  2. Join the TEDx Team at the General Body Meeting on 1/31.

Appointment decisions will be made by the 2017 Executive Board and Advisors. 

Want to meet in person and learn more before 2/06? Contact tedxuwmilwaukee@gmail.com to set up a meeting! 


  • Must be enrolled at least ½ time in a degree-granting program at UWM
  • Must be paying the UWM mandatory segregated fees
  • Need to be flexible and accountable
  • Must be able to meet weekly for org meetings
  • Need to be good at communicating with the team and working individually
  • Must believe in the TEDxUWMilwaukee Mission
  • Must believe in Ideas Worth Spreading


Applications must be electronically submitted by February 6th @ 1159PM. Instructors, please submit your student nomination by February 2nd @ 11:59PM. 

Wednesday, January 31st @ 6:00PM, Union, Room 179
General Body Meeting (GBM) - Meet and hang out with the team during our bi-weekly meeting. Learn more about the election process and Executive Team roles.

Friday, February 2nd @ 6:00PM Third Floor Student Involvement Kiosk
General Body Meeting (GBM) - Meet and hang out with the team during our bi-weekly meeting. Learn more about the election process and Executive Team roles.

Monday, February 12th @ 6:00PM
Executive Board Nominees will be notified of the results via email. From there, the new Executive Board will work together to schedule weekly meetings. Former members will work with new members to train, exchange knowledge, and get you ready to share Ideas Worth Spreading. 

TEDxUWMilwaukee is looking to fulfill the following positions....


Sponsorships and budgets manager; Treasurer

Responsible for raising money from sponsors for event expenses

  • Responsible for creating and maintaining sponsor relations
  • Manages the organization's finance
  • Regularly meets with partnering companies/ university professionals to secure budget and gain opportunities for the success of the organization
  • Should be someone who has interest or experience with fundraising and development


Works with Head Curator to choose who will be  speaking at your event. Organizes and coordinates speakers

    Create a selection committee (or curation team) of multiple people, so you can provide different perspectives when choosing speakers.

    • Coach speakers
    • Create synergetic discussions between speakers during sessions
    • Send out invitations to speak for our events
    • Create and maintain relationships with speakers


    Manages most of events and meetings day-of logistics, and is responsible for creating a “TEDx experience” for events

    • They serve as the contact with UWM staff, manage day-of event activities outside of the main stage
    • In charge of ticketing and registration needs
    • In charge of organizing General Body Meeting - Choosing TED talks to show, faciliating conversation, etc. 
    • May help with budget and other needs as it is seen fit.
    • Create and maintain relationships with campus professional staff
    • Create and maintain relationship with organization members


    Lead all production and planning for the day of events. Create visual projects for the team

      They oversee all of the roles happening on the day of your event related to…

      • Content production
      • Stage management
      • Technology
      • Photography
      • Video
      • Powerpoint
      • Work with UWM professional Audio and Visual Staff
      • Work with Head Curator and speakers to produce content of value

      Video and production lead

      • Has the important task of overseeing the video and production of the event – from managing audio and video needs, camera operators and the livestream of events.

      TEDx Job offers.png

      Create and manage a strong digital and print presence of your event, including website content, social media, and print materials.

      2 positions available -

      Communications, Editorial and Marketing Directors will split the tasks of Designer, Marketing Manager, and Website Manager and work together as a team.






      Manage organization's files and keep accurate notes at all meetings/brainstorming workshops/events

      Designer Duties

      • They have interest in design to help create the event logo, website, branding materials and other aesthetic components of your event 
      • Helps create marketing campaign for events
      • Provides support to stage designer

      Marketing Duties

      • Responsible for promoting your event to the public 
      • Regularly meets with Union Marketing to schedule orders/promote org in print
      • Manages all social media pages for organization

      Website Duties

      • Responsible for developing and managing website
      • Work  to create a website that is accessible and easily managed, since you’ll likely be sharing updates with your community there.

      • Keeps a record of all members & activities of the organization ƒ
      •  Prepares an agenda with the President for all meetings
      • Notifies all members of meetings
      • Prepares organization's calendar of events
      • Keeps the organization informed of both organizational and university business
      • Keeps and distributes minutes of each meeting of the organization
      • Serve as the organization’s recognition and appreciation coordinator

      Please direct Questions concerning this opportunity to:

      Bailey Flannery

      Head Curator


      Rebecca Grassl, PhD

      Assistant Director of the UWM Union, Student Involvement