Meet the Executive Board




  • Come from all majors, backgrounds, and levels of experience.

  • Create the TEDx conferences that inspire intellectual thought and development.

  • Gain professional experience related to future careers and passions.

  • Connect with the most innovative and engaged thought leaders in Milwaukee.

  • Hold office for 1 year (2019-20).

  • Meet as a cohort once a week.

  • Work independently about 2 - 5 hours a week.



  • Enrolled at least ½ time in a degree-granting program at UWM

  • Paying the UWM mandatory segregated fees

  • Flexible and accountable

  • Able to meet weekly for org meetings

  • Communicates well with the team and works well individually

  • Believes in Ideas Worth Spreading

TEDxUWMilwaukee Exec positions

  • Raises money from sponsors for event expenses

  • Creates and maintaining sponsor relations

  • Manages the organization's finance

  • Regularly meets with partnering companies/ university professionals to secure budget

  • Has interest or experience with fundraising and development

  • Searches for and selects potential speakers

  • Helps speakers improve content and public speaking skills for talkses

  • Creates synergetic discussions between speakers during curation sessions

  • Maintains positive relationships with and amongst speakers

  • Organizes team meetings (chooses TED talks to show, faciliates conversation, etc.)

  • Creates and maintains relationships with new and returning members

  • Tables at campus events to reach new members

  • Manages university organization portal


Oversees all of the roles happening on the day-of event related to…

  • TEDx talk Powerpoint

  • Stage management (works with UWM professional AV Staff)

  • Photography

TEDx Job offers.png

Multiple Positions Available

Designer Duties

  • Helps create event logos, website and branding materials, and other visual components

  • Helps create marketing campaign for events

  • Provides support to stage designer

Marketing Duties

  • Responsible for promoting events to the public

  • Regularly meets with Union Marketing to schedule orders/promote org in print

  • Manages all social media pages for organization

Website Duties

  • Responsible for developing and managing website

  • Works to create a website that is accessible and easily managed

  • Records and distributes minutes of each meeting of the organization

  • Prepares an agenda with the President for all meetings

  • Prepares organization's calendar of events

  • Keeps the organization informed of both organizational and university business

Please direct Questions concerning this opportunity to:

Avery deboer

director of curation


Rebecca Grassl, PhD

Assistant Director of the UWM Union, Student Involvement