Our Executive Board team members come from all majors, backgrounds, and levels of experience. They create the TEDx conferences that inspire intellectual thought, inspiring discussion, and personal growth. They gain professional experience related to future careers and current passions. They connect with the most innovative and engaged thought leaders in Milwaukee. They meet regularly, dedicate their own time, and reflect the goals, values, and mission of the entire organization.


  • Enrolled at least ½ time in a degree-granting program at UWM

  • Able to meet regularly for meetings

  • Communicates well with the team and works well individually

  • Flexible, accountable, dedicated

  • Believes in Ideas Worth Spreading

TEDxUWMilwaukee Executive positions

Curator Logo.png

Roles within Curation will be responsible for…

  • Working one-on-one with our phenomenal speakers

  • Handling communications with and logistics for the speakers

  • Leading the application process to find new speakers

  • Developing the speakers’ talks throughout the curation process

Marketing Logo.png

Roles within Marketing will be responsible for…

  • Working with UWM Union Marketing to produce marketing materials

  • Making their own creative and effective marketing designs

  • Developing marketing plans different purposes

  • Helping our website look professional and reflect the TEDx energy

  • Maintaining and supporting our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram

Outreach Logo.png

Roles within Outreach will be responsible for…

  • Tabling in the UWM Union and at other events to promote our organization

  • Reaching out to current members regarding meetings and events

  • Finding innovative ways to increase member and volunteer intake

  • Work with our general membership body to enhance their experience

Production Logo.png

Roles within Production will be responsible for…

  • Overseeing the technical and logistical aspects of our events

  • Working with our speakers to ensure their slides are professional and ready to present

  • Collaborating with various UWM staff to handle administrative preparations for our events

  • Assisting in event planning to ensure our events run smoothly

  • Working with our videographers and photographers during and surrounding our events

Treasurer Logo.png

Roles within Treasury will be responsible for…

  • Overseeing the SAC Grant process to guarantee funding for our organization

  • Reaching out to and communicating with sponsors for our events

  • Managing our budget and providing the team with relevant financial information

  • Planning our future budget and funding sources

If you want to be on the TEDx team, but aren’t sure where you could fit, reach out to us anyway! We would love to work with you and figure out how your strengths and talents could benefit the team!

Please direct all questions to…

Avery deboer
Acting President, Director of Curation

Meet the Executive Board