Here are some videos from past events we’ve hosted that we’re really proud of! If you want to get a sense of what speakers we’ve provided platforms to in the past, explore this page!

Conference 2016

I Am. We Are.

According to Jean-Luc Nancy, there is no “being” without “being-with”. In fact, “being-with” is redundant, as we are all, always already together, in relation, a community. We are all “people,” all of a similar kind: a doctor, a guy, a woman, a kid… But no one person defines all it means to be a people, and “people” can never represent even one specific individual. We are, rather, a community that performs ourselves, together and apart. What we are, and what we could be. I am. We are.



Conference 2015

React Differently



Salon 2015

Winter Welcome



Conference 2014

Generation Why Not?